Saturday, May 31, 2008

Forbes Bogus Biz Plan Contest

Today is the last day to enter

That is, if, your business model is from like the 1980s... did you notice the last question to qualify?

"Does the company have at least one salaried employee (besides the owner)?"


Sorry Forbes magazine... but you got it wrong. The contest was a great idea. I thought that today I would spend the time to enter... the $100k suggests that it would be a worthy use of my limited time. But I was wrong.

As I have mentioned before, I have been reading Forbes since my exit from the Marine Corps (lets just say over twenty something years ago). I thought Malcolm was mostly brilliant and Steve has been coming along nicely... {grin}

If you are a startup today, and have any salaried employees, you probably won't make it (IMNSHO). In 1989 I learned that dog won't hunt. When I launched LLC in 1998, it was obvious that employees were like boat anchors: just one more fixed expense to hold you back.

For the most part, the most passionate folks are not seeking a paycheck... at least not the ones that I want on my team. I would rather my team members work a "day job" like Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Parker did at Wendy's. Then give me some creative efforts in their off hours.

Maybe I should launch my own contest... with the proper entry rules to help ensure that my participants get started on the right foot... making intelligent decisions that will help thrust them to greater rewards faster than their competition... but I digress.

Forbes: color me disappointed.


P.S. If you would have qualified for the contest otherwise, drop me a note. Let's chat.

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