Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nonperforming Assets

Can you say, Holistic?

My good friend (and client) Tony Rizzo has started to blog about his Total-Matrix approach to maximizing shareholder value on a new blog, simply named: Total-Matrix.

He has even offered to let me post a thought or two if (when) the moods strikes. Maybe today. Maybe not. Along with "Software Jonah" Richard Zultner. Speaking of Zultner, I have asked him to guest blog here about his activities of late, with special attention to using QFD to predict the rewards possible from using a systems (or holistic) approach to solving business challenges.

So, if you have any influence on Zultner, ask him to put finger to keyboard on our behalf! Soon. But I digress...


Nonperforming assets. The worst kind. Or are they? I was listening to an episode of an old TV interview I did in 2004 with good friend Ed McCullough, when something Rizzo said to me a couple of weeks ago hit home. I will remind my readers that I am quite confident that if I can achieve significant results, ANYONE can! I am rarely (if ever) the smartest guy in the room. But I am willing to outwork everyone else by staying focused until the results are achieved. So, from April or May of 2004 until yesterday, this thought lay just below the surface of my consciousness:

Applying resources (as well as assets) to the wrong task does not simply result in "no value" as I have repeatedly claimed, it is actually causing damage. Perhaps significant damage. Perhaps, damage that might result in the self-termination of a business entity.


An ugly word. Yet, every reader of the comic strip Dilbert™ has shaken their head in agreement at the stupid situations that are portrayed! Many of which would be fatal acts in the real world. So, can you relate to the comic because it strikes near the practices at your place of employment?

He Doesn't Know

"You don't know, what you do not know."

A favorite quote. In fact, my picture may even adorn this passage in a book of quotes somewhere! But if there is hope for me, there is hope for you! I have learned to seek out those that know things (important things) that I do not. This is no one on planet earth that knows more about project management as it relates to shareholder value in a product development organization, than Tony Rizzo. And yes, I have him plotting a book on the subject. However, that will not help you today. And we all need help. Today.

So, check out Rizzo's new blog and let us know what you think.


P.S. Tony is available to put the proper assets to work on the proper tasks. Give me a call (initial consultation is free) to jump start holistic thinking at your company.

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