Thursday, May 01, 2008

Congrats Son

So you got that promotion... Now, the fun begins! Friends that might not like taking orders from you... folks that want to be your friend, now that you have some control over their future. Oh the joys of the hidden agenda! I recall Earl Nightingale quoting from Shakespeare’s Hamlet:
"To thine own self be true..."
Not quite as polished a speaker, I prefer this quote from a Reggie Jackson TV commercial:
"The only person that I have to impress, is me."
Trust your gut. Of course, you might take time to re-read my book as well. There is a reason why I called it a business leadership guide. There were a number of reasons your grandfather wanted it published, and I have to believe that one of them was for your benefit. Focus. My key to any success that I have enjoyed. I am willing to stay on task until it is complete, or the circumstances demand a review. Study the facts, ask a lot of questions, then make a decision. Quickly. Then apply leverage at the focal point. Never second guess yourself. Life is too short.
"Its relationships, stupid."
I tell myself that most every morning. Not that I am all that stupid (or, all that smart), but we all make mistakes. But Jim Collins gave us a great gift in his Good to Great book, and that was the proof that the RIGHT people are your greatest asset. Not the smartest. Not the young (or the old). The right people. Surround yourself with great people, and you will be amazed at the victories that await your command. Find those loyal young hot shots (like you were just nine years ago!) and challenge them to contribute. You have my number, call if you need encouragement. Call to share your successes. But as you have learned over the years, I do not accept calls to complain. Life is too short. --the dad
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