Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wasting Time and Money

There are a lot of smart people in the world...

I do not consider myself one. My key to success? Simple. Really. I am simply willing to outwork anyone and everyone that comes between me and my goal.

Now that is not to imply that I am not interested in working 'smart' as they say, because I consider myself a pretty fast study. Its like my locking the car door example. Form habits that produce success. Not sure who said that first, but its mine now!

"Its relationships, stupid!"

I tell myself that message every morning. Its the "honey verses vinegar" approach to interacting with people. People that you may not consider 'important' in the short term. Like a receptionist. I tell in Purple Curve Effect how my assistant in Personnel was the company receptionist... and she was quick to pass along the short-comings (as well as any praise) of those seeking an audience with me.

Which makes me think of a person that I had to fire. They just did not have the skill set required. They were upset. Obviously. I tried to make my case. But also tried to explain that the person had skills that would be appreciated in other organizations. A couple months later, they stopped in to thank me for firing them! They had found a job they loved and were well suited to perform.

I have been unable to lay my hands on an article in which a master of Lean manufacturing (TPS) was explaining that they (Lean practitioners) have perhaps been focusing too much on waste. In a letter of rebuttal, another practitioner suggests the focus on waste is still valid.

Few tools (Lean and Six Sigma come to mind) have the ability to approach business from the holistic "systems" orientation required to produce the desired results. Results that align with the corporate mission statement. Like return on investment. Or earnings per share. Once the proper leverage point is determined with Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints (TOC), tools like Lean and Six Sigma may be perfect. Of course, to turbocharge your TOC, get your hands on William Dettmer's Strategic Navigation in order to apply John Boyd's OODA Loop (thus creating strategy and tactics that produce remarkable results faster than your competition!).

My simple formula for avoiding the waste of time or money:

Find a Working Model and Adapt It!

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