Saturday, March 10, 2007

Solar System

Pluto still counts

The Planet. Not the Pluto (Nash) movie.

I grew up, as did a lot of folks, memorizing the nine planets in our solar system. Today, we understand that we have better intel, and Pluto may no longer truly consist of enough properties to make it a planet in the traditional sense. Too bad.

And yet, how great is that?

A new truth, based on more information. Like my beloved Throughput Press.

Consider the solar system methaphor. With Throughput Press (TpP) on the inner track, where Mercury hangs out on our chart. On a single mission:
"Finally—a publisher just for authors seeking to change the world."
Were you expecting me to Put TpP at the center? The first couple of times that I shared this analogy, I did... but it was wrong. That is what I love about thinking out loud. The more I shared, the more I thought about the construct, the more it seemed off; just not quite right. So, what is the center of our system:
Your Results
Makes perfect sense. Now that I say it out loud. Throughput Press, and the business units that today are part and parcel of efforts, exist for one grand purpose: to produce results. Results that you want and need to succeed.

Some publishers have great explanations on their web site of all the "rules of engagement." We have none. Why? Until you share your definition of success, who are we to limit our relationship. As you will recall, I tell myself every day, "It's relationships, stupid."

When I focus on your success, then work towards producing results to achieve that success, life becomes very simple. Decisions become easy: "Does this possible action step that I am about to make on your behalf, take us closer to, or further away, from the results you demand?"

Let me highlight some of the other heavenly bodies in our line up: Venus? Purple Curve Events. A showcase for the live presentation of the materials our clients write. Like the up coming Purple Curve Workshop on March 30th, based on my book, Purple Curve Effect.

Earth? The Boyd Speakers Bureau. An elite offering of world renowned speakers.

Mars? Tune in tomorrow...

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Publisher
(330) 432-3533

P.S. Need help changing the world? Call me.

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