Saturday, March 03, 2007

Think Different

Purple Curve Insight #12
There are no free lunches.
You must think it through!
Apple’s “Think Different”
slogan was brilliant.

Dr. Roger Rhoades now comes to mind, when "think different" is mentioned. We just produced the paperback of this exciting book. It is now available for purchase from his home on the internet at -- an amazing site full of neat ideas. But I digress...

Yesterday, after my blast on the Vrod, we taped an interview for an up and coming podcast about the book. As sort of a sneak peak, we talked about "Ah ha" moments and thinking differently.

Readers of Purple Curve Effect know that I took the expression, "Is the glass of water half full or half empty," and took our readers through an exercise to determine the glass of water's true state. It is my hope that our readers no longer use that exercise without thinking.

In Dr. Rhoades' book, Living in the Moment, he takes famous quotes from recognizable people, and shares a personal "Ah ha" insight, and concludes each chapter with a quote of his own. Good stuff. Consider buying two copies. One to keep and one to give away.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Publisher

P.S. The PDF of the book is also available.

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