Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jack Vinson

Knowledge Management

Most every time Jack posts, it deals with KM. And every time that he does, my mind races to Marketing in College. One of the few "B" grades on my report card. My definition of marketing is, let me be kind and say, unusual. I do not understand KM, at least not as Jack and most of bloggers on the subject that I follow, understand it.

I consider Jack a friend, although we have never met. That I know of. Our involvement (on different levels) with Eli Goldratt's Viable Vision Offer events might have put us together, without our knowledge. But I digress...

Yesterday, he paid me a compliment by including a link to my Purple Curve Effect in a post. Many years ago I heard Eli describe his Red and Green curves. Not sure if he still makes this statement today, but he remarked that he called the "red" curve as such, because he had a red marker in his hand the first time he drew that curve.

That may work for a physicist. But not for an accountant. I created the "purple" curve for several reasons including the desire to brand my own application of Goldratt's TOC and to put the red curve where it belongs: as a loss. That left the green curve as Eli indicated, so I needed another color for the upward, never ending curve that comes from repeatedly identifying, exploiting and subordinating your weakest link. Enter "purple."

Thought you might like to know.

And, yes, it is possible (with proper focus) to create continued growth.

Someday, I will explain why lay-offs are stupid. Not to mention, unnecessary.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

P.S. Still time if you are in Northeast Ohio to attend my workshop.

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