Monday, March 05, 2007

Dan Hanlon

Entrepreneur Dan Hanlon joins Boyd Speakers Bureau

Those that attended our Financial Analysis Workshop in June 2005, heard Dan speak. Now, the rest of the world has a chance to book this dynamic leader.

I could go on and on (and on some more!) about his genuine love of business. Or of his love for motorcycles. But over the last two years, I have come to know Dan as true master of results. So much so, I had to buy one of his Excelsior-Henderson Super X (vin #847) motorcycles for myself! In fact, I had the privilege of riding with Dan one day this past summer. Both of us on 'his' dream. Two jet black American VTwin's tearing up the peaceful back country roads of Minnesota.

His business thinking is on a level almost unmatched. When I left Red Horse in '05, I had lunch with Dan before leaving the Iowa/Minnesota area, to seek his counsel on some business ideas. He pierced my bubble with numerous issues and challenges that I had yet to consider. I have recommended his book, Riding the American Dream, to anyone needing to raise funds for any type business venture. It is not a motorcycle book. It is a business book.

It is a pleasure to share his talents with those needing a keynote speaker.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Publisher

P.S. Dan joins another friend, Dr. Lisa Lang, making themselves available to help your business achieve greatness. Visit

Disclaimer: Dan Hanlon is a client of Throughput Press.
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