Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thinking out Loud

Boyd Speakers Bureau
was born while "thinking out loud"

In Purple Curve Effect, I talk about this approach to, as chapter 19 is labeled, "Involve Others." The tool is best used with a little discipline. In fact, here is the framework:

Tenets of “thinking out loud”
  • Begin with the awareness that only one weakest link can be present at any one time
  • Everyone should feel free to say anything and everything they think is relevant
  • Even “stupid” ideas should be shared because they can trigger a productive solution
  • The results of thinking out loud are not a plan, promise or contract
  • End with the conviction that there is still only one weakest link
So there it is, the roots of the speakers bureau. A couple of conversations with some folks (each will be revealed over the next few days) about the influence of John Boyd, and a new business entity springs forth. For now, it is a component of Throughput Press. My virtual incubator of sorts.

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