Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sun Microsystems on ODF

My Family Photos - and ODF

Jonathon Schwartz
CEO Sun Microsystems

A great post. Valuable insight. Interesting use of story telling.

Great pitch on your OpenOffice tools also... which I use on my PC, just have not got around to loading it on my new mac mini. It has come a long ways in a few short years. I was hosting an event, and my PC was being used by the presenter, Eli Goldratt. At a point well into his session, he asks me to load a [brand name deleted] presentation that he had on a memory stick.

It worked flawlessly.

But I digress.

Please ask everyone to be on guard for the idiots that want to reinvent the wheel (in such a fashion, that the wheels would only work, or work somehow differently, on their own wagon). I remember the first time I tried sharing a document among folks with a variety of word processors. RTF (rich text format) used to work just find. Until someone 'enhanced' their version of the standard to only play well among their own products.

The point: ODF has promise. How can Jonathan and Sun keep the playing field level this time?

Given the list of "would be" supporters.

Given the failure to preserve Java from the harsh elements of competition.

At some point in this whole technology game, is there anyway to get cheaters booted out of such a consortium?

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

P.S. Why Jonathan, why, is Vista in this blog's link path?

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