Sunday, February 04, 2007

Chicago Bears by 6

Prediction: Chicago Bears win SuperBowl XLI by 6

When my son was growing up, we were Bears fans. What's not to love about a team with talent like Mike Ditka, Head Coach; Buddy Ryan, Defensive Coordinator; Ed Hughes, Offensive Coordinator?

Not to mention Jim McMahon, Walter Payton, Richard Dent and 'Refrigerator' Perry!

"The Bears won Super Bowl 20 (1985) by a score
of 46-10,
by far the largest margin of victory in a
super bowl
to that point."

I look forward a defensive battle of epic proportions.

Bears to win SuperBowl XLI by 6.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

P.S. Moments after the Bears won their place of honor this year, I received a text message from my son, "R U Ready for the Bears in the Superbowl!" My reply: Yes!

P.P.S. I am also watching for the next "GoDaddy" success story, as outrageous SuperBowl ads have launched a number of icons... like the 1984 Apple MacIntosh.


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