Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Twelfth Tenet

Twelfth Green at Augusta One would not have to be a golfer to appreciate the beauty of this setting. I remember getting to play on Harbour Town... a client blessed me with a free round: 18 holes of golf and cart, for two. She did not play, but knew that I would appreciate the gesture. I did. And still do to this day. SKI's Twelfth Tenet Ever want a deal so badly that you "could taste it" as they say? Not good. Ever been in so deep that you could not tell which way was up? Me too. I have amazed myself at the breakthroughs that have occurred after I have walked away from deals that hours or days prior were "do or die" situations! Ever been so close to the forest that you could not see the trees? When you take walking out, off the table, you cheat yourself. Most times it is important to stay the course. Keep one's focus. Forget balance; bear down on the situation and tough it out. But understand the overall (and guiding) mission. Systems thinking to max! And once in a great while, walking away may just get you closer to achieving your goal. Learn the details at next week's workshop. Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah www.ThroughputPress.com tag:
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