Saturday, January 13, 2007

Family Office Equipment

I am pleased to report that Family Office Equipment, Inc. of New Philadelphia, Ohio has signed on as a lead sponsor for next week's event.

Read the details on the Purple Curve Workshop web site.


P.S. A little history: Jeff Tedrow won a contract back in 1982 for one of my first clients with a complete manufacturing accounting package via his Cado C.A.T. offering! I ended up modifying the "average cost" pricing module, written in CADOL (a compiled language that required each program to fit in a 256 byte record) to handle LIFO and FIFO. This was the beginning of the code that became a great system: Open Systems Accounting Software. For those that have programmed in BBx for OSAS, you now know why OSAS has all those small programs, calling all those other small programs. The original logic required subprocesses that would compile down to 256 bytes!

In other words, the team at Family Office Equipment have been doing this technology thing successfully for over twenty years. That is a record that deserves my vote of confidence.

I am pleased to have them on board.


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