Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tenet Number 13

The 13th Hole at Harbour Town Golf Links

When I played this hole a number of years ago, my approach shot to the green was a sight to behold. However, there were no blimps or cameras around to record my amazing second shot. As I recall, I was too far to the left, but in the fairway. I do not recall the club, probably a 7 iron, but I do recall the sound... as my ball hit about one inch from the top of the wooden planks that help form this "island" green. The ball bounced back hard enough, that it landed in the grass and not the bunker!

It would be great to end the story with a comment about a chip and a putt for a par, but that did not happen. Maybe that is the reason my book does not have a thirteenth chapter.

TENET #13:

I wanted to stop at just twelve tenets, but this one needed told. And frankly, I could not bring myself to delete any of the others! In chapter 14, there are insights into the creation of the Jonah3+3™ course, featuring H. William Dettmer. There really is no chapter 13.

I recall working in Myrtle Beach when I get this impassioned phone call from Dettmer. He orders me to the local bookstore (I may have already been in the bookstore when he called!). Tells me to order the new book, Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War.


Next book out by Dettmer, Strategic Navigation, weaves Boyd's OODA Loop and Eliyahu Goldratt's TOC (Theory of Constraints) into the Constraints Management Model. Boyd's reading list for his colleagues was over 300 books. Yes, over 300 books in order to grasp his leap forward in warfare. Some have commented on Dettmer's attention to (too much) detail!

All that was necessary (in my mind, at least) to say, there is a gap out there in the world, that you are perfectly matched to close. I created the Jonah3+3™ course because a lot of us have been excited (even teased) into a frenzy over the logical thinking processes. Dettmer is the one systems oriented professor that I know, poised to equip the world's business leaders with the knowledge required in this age. But he needed help marketing his services in his arena.

So I jumped in with both feet.

An amazing aside, I have had folks discover this great course by simply buying a two dollar PDF of the Purple Curve Effect. They might never had learned about the availability otherwise. If they go on to change the world in a positive manner, then it could be said that it was a requirement that I write my book. To fill a gap.

When I created TOCreview magazine, I felt that there was a need to get those articles out into the world of business. The stars aligned briefly, and I believe that history was made with the premier issue. One of the missions for the "new & improved" Throughput Press will be to relaunch TOCreview. But not as a TOC rag.

As a results oriented magazine.

Because a gap exists in the world of results.

You need to be at the upcoming Purple Curve Workshop. Why? Because you need the information that will be presented. Well, it should be qualified that, if you seek true breakthroughs in throughput, you will find a way be present at the event.

Details and registration:

What effort needs you to stand in the gap?

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

P.S. Maybe I should re-start TOCreview (several new titles {based on RESULTS} under consideration) by asking folks to start sending me notes about their success stories...


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