Sunday, January 14, 2007

Deming's 13th Point

Out of the Crisis
by W. Edwards Deming

From his 14 points for Management; number 13:

I guess I would have called them fourteen points for Leadership. Who I am to second guess Deming? Just a guy with way too much time on my hands!

The other day I stopped in Wendy's for lunch and bumped into a retired business owner and acquaintance. Let's call him "Bob." Bob is a Democrat. Somehow we got onto politics, and that led Bob to remark about my dad, Myron 'Sonny' Kinsey, who passed on to his reward this past May.

Sonny the Big Cat, as I affectionately called my dad (and a fan of Deming), met Bob when delivering packages to Bob's business (my dad was a UPS driver at the time). In fact, dad learned of Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963 when he made a delivery at Bob's store. But I digress...

Well, Bob shared his sympathy on my dad's passing as we have not seen each other in almost a year. And then remarked he had a lot of respect for Sonny, in part due to a comment he made concerning William Jefferson Clinton's impeachment. Sonny agreed that it was wrong for slick Willie to have lied about the affair, and stated that he should have simply said, "It is none of your business."

Yep. Common sense is not all that common. I miss you dad.

Back to our regularly scheduled message: Leadership. Leaders do. They "walk the walk." What is the easiest way to implement Deming's 13th point? Start with yourself. I have known a lot of business owners, and a lot of leaders. All business owners are not leaders. Few have taken this 13th point to heart... at least few of the ones that I know.

For me, it starts with me. I read a lot. But more importantly, I think. About a lot things. Some days about just one thing. Every morning (when ever it arrives, like 5:21am today) I get moving by heading out for a cup of coffee. I take a book along (like A Better Way by Terry Acord today) and my iPod. After my personal and private brainstorming session, I drive by one of my next dreams: The Chrysler Pacifica.

Nothing happens without a dream.

Then back to office to make something happen. Like the Purple Curve Workshop. If you are trying to make something happen, help may come from the most unlikely sources. Like the inspiration for Post-it® Notes. My dad was always asking when I would take time to write my first book. His constant inquiries helped birth it. The workshop based on the book might just be the inspiration you need to make a difference in the world.

The clock is ticking...

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

P.S. What are YOU doing this Friday, January 19th?


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