Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sybase Turnaround

My hat is off to CEO John S. Chen I love a great turnaround, and this story is even more exciting for those of us who love the products of the company that invented stored procedures! Like Sun, Sybase has not set any records the last few years. But there is a lot of light in the tunnel (or is that, sales funnel?) for both companies. I have always loved rolling out apps that just run. And run. Then run some more. I recall learning at Lexis-Nexis that if you wanted the hottest setup, get both Oracle and Sybase to bid on your project. Then, take the equipment spec'd by Oracle (it was bigger and faster by a large percentage) and run Sybase on that platform. Why? Sybase always spec'd the least amount of hardware required to get the job done. Probably hoping to the win the contract based on lowest overall costs. But it caused a lot of folks to complain how poorly Sybase performed. But I digress... Need a robust, secure, scalable RDBMS for your next web app? Consider Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE). They have tons of white papers to help better understand their approach. Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah P.S. Tell John, "SKI sent me." tag:
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