Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Collection of Great Podcasts

I have been collecting great podcasts for over a year, and find myself talking to others about these great sessions, but as I wrote my own code to capture them, it was tough to share.

No longer. I have added a link to my consulting page called "Podcasts of Value" that will launch a mini window of all the podcasts in my library. The neat thing about my app, is that I do not host the actual audio files. I simply point the listener to the original source. Saves me a lot of bandwidth.

For those that would like to tap the actual XML feed, send me an note and I will point you to my XML feed. It is not listed on iTunes as these are not really my feeds. I found them, wanted them on my iPod, so I wrote a few scripts to process them.

To listen to any one podcast, just click on the title. You can also open the stream in iTunes. But if you are on an Apple Mac, the MP3 will play right inside the mini window. It may act likewise on your PC, but as iTunes is my default app for MP3 files, my PC launches iTunes.

Need help, drop me a line.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

P.S. I do actually have a Podcast listed on iTunes. Go to the iTunes Store and search for "jeff ski kinsey" -- without the quotation marks.


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