Sunday, January 17, 2010

Richard Nixon endorses RhinoGATOR

Tricky Dick endorses RhinoGATOR's Job Board Photo in the Public Domain as Property of the US Government Talk about mixed emotions Late yesterday afternoon, as I finished up some significant enhancements to the search algorithms for the RhinoGATOR™ "R1" Search Engine, my phone rang, I glanced at the caller ID. Celebrity Cruises Earlier in the day I was amazed (but I quickly dismissed) a somewhat unusual new profile in the administration logs: Richard Nixon. I often joke that Nixon and Elvis are very much alive and working a cruise line in the Caribbean as impersonators! Now, the joke was on me! "Hey Jeff, this is Richard Nixon." I thought to myself, yea, right. So I tested him. I asked if he were indeed Nixon, who made the statement, "An intellectual is a man who doesn't know how to park a bike?" Immediately the man on the phone laughed that nervous, guarded laugh that defined Richard Milhous Nixon's later years. Then he shot back, "Spiro T. Agnew of course." Could it be? After all these years, I was really talking to thee Richard M. Nixon? No way... and yet. Okay, one more test. "Alright mister President, if you are THAT Dick Nixon, how much did I contribute to the Nixon Slush Fund in 1972?" "One sawbuck." It was Nixon! No one else would have known, or, taken the time to check my contribution before calling me. But I digress. Now the real $64 question: "Mr. President, how can I help?" Well first, he explains that even with heavy discounting, the cruise lines are down financially given this economy, and he was looking for a new gig and had discovered RhinoGATOR dot com on New Year's Eve between sets while performing with Elvis just inside the eastern edge and to the North of Puerto Rico, inside the Burmuda Triangle. Amazing. I quickly interrupted and mentioned that he was my Commander and Chief in 1974 when I passed through the triangle on maneuvers as a PFC (E-2) with the United States Marine Corps. He blew me away with his next statement. "I know." This guy is good. You hear stories about his thoroughness, and here I am experiencing it first hand! What a story to tell my grand-kids! But I digress... So Nixon goes on to say that RhinoGATOR™ brought back more open job positions that any other job board he has used. And that he loved the tabless interface, plus the ability to craft or edit a new search "on fly," as we feature the search box on the top of every page. I would have loved to bore him with my insistence on both features, but then, he made a statement that confirmed my respect for the deposed leader of the Free world (and got him an honorable mention in a Star Trek movie!): "Jeff, I just wanted to give you permission to use a quote from me to promote your job board." It took every ounce of energy that was surging through my body not to correct him, and point out that RhinoGATOR™ was both a Job Board and a Job Aggregator, but I managed. I offered that I would love him to do so... Here is what he said:
"If G. Gordon Liddy and I would have had access to RhinoGATOR™ back in the days of staffing the White House "Plumbers" unit, I would still be the President of the United States of America." —Richard M. Nixon Creative Commons License by Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey.
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