Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mockups at Lightspeed

Balsamiq presents THEE mockup tool Developer? You will love this app. Use Cases in record time are just a few clicks away. Business consultant? I love it! Get a great "look & feel" in minutes. This tool from Balsamiq Studios allows you to concentrate on the business process issues, then quickly turn your thoughts into great presentations. The ability to quickly paste (via an 'import' function) most any image onto the pallet allows one to add any item that Balsamiq may have yet to think up... but that list is probably very small. The ability to group items, bring an item forward (or send it backwards) on the worksheet is included of course, but the property inspector goes on and on (and on) including color setting and text size, to name but two! That is a real Use Case from an idea I am kicking around. This is one of the slickest apps I have discovered in sometime. Thanks again to the people on twitter for bringing it to my attention. Another case of having smart friends. Download the free demo and impress yourself! Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah ©2009 LLC. All rights reserved.
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