Saturday, September 08, 2007

Next Dr Lisa Boot Camp

Outstanding. Simply brilliant.

At the end of August (yes, just last week!) I had the privilege of attending Dr Lisa's Mafia Offer Boot Camp. Amazing. I know Lisa is brilliant. Brad the consummate COO. Oh, and yes, insert disclaimer here: Dr Lisa is a client and I may experience financial gain from my efforts to promote the Science of Business.

However, I agreed to pay "full boat" as they say for the class. And I accomplished my goal. Which is nothing more (or less) than Lisa promises every attendee:

"If you prepare before arriving,
pay attention and focus on task,
you will leave with a Mafia Offer."

I did. We created an offer that I honestly believe cannot be refused by the rational business owner. My target prospect. Much like my intensive Jonah training with Dettmer, this boot camp is intense! Come prepared to work. To do your homework. Turn off your cell phone. Focus.

There is still time to attend the next group session.

September 26/27/28 2007

Or schedule a private session.


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