Thursday, March 09, 2006

Welcome a Jonah

Reflections from our newest Jonah... by guest blogger, Christoph Steindl, Jonah

Here is my brief feedback about the Jonah3+3™ Course taught by H. William "Bill" Dettmer:

  • There is a very big difference between: 1.) what you know after reading Bill's 2 books and Lisa's book 2.) what you know after the course
  • It was amazing how much Bill cared. I really enjoyed the two day break, the trips to Cape Flattery, the Miramere Falls, and the ridge
  • I'm now confident in applying the thinking process and using the tools
  • I'm not afraid to answer questions about TOC
  • I received a lot of "behind the scenes" insight about TOC
  • I'm very glad to have more than a student's relationship with Bill, I'm actively looking for opportunities to cooperate and do joint work with Goal Systems International
  • I received a lot of value from the course, and have since applied the tools to building my own business
  • I now have a thorough understanding of the Current Reality of my new business, of the Future Reality, and how to make it happen
  • Since the course, I've used the tools with a colleague to outline our joint Future Reality
  • We will use our findings to focus our joint efforts to "make money now and more in the future"
  • Bill has pointed me to the Crawford Slip Method, which I immediately applied to my way of doing Retrospectives
  • Group-brainstorming has become twice as efficient using the Crawford Slip Method
  • I received great feedback from one of my clients by using this new tool
  • Bill pointed me to Dieter Legat and a couple of books on marketing & sales (one of my weak points due to the CRT analysis)
  • I've already used Strategic Navigation's Strategic Intermediate Objectives (SIO) map for making the Goal, the Critical Success Factors and Necessary Conditions clear to 20 participants at a committer meeting of an open source project
  • The leaders of the project immediately found the SIO map very useful and will use it to focus their efforts
  • In summation, I received a lot of value from the course, especially from Bill as a person and from his willingness to pass on knowledge and assist with my networking efforts
  • I am already using several of the techniques for my own private life, for my business activities, and with my clients
  • I cannot tell when I break even financially, but I can tell you, that two of my current clients are now very interested in learning more about TOC
  • I can now serve them at a level of quality which wouldn't have been possible before the Jonah3+3™ course
  • It was well worth the money - REALLY!!!

I know that I've forgotten at least as many things as I've mentioned!


---- Christoph learned about the Jonah3+3™ from buying and reading the PDF of SKI's book, Purple Curve Effect. Our next course offering is May, 2006. It is also important to note that these classes are small sessions, with a lot of "one on one" instruction. The course runs for three days, breaks for two whole days, to allow the student (and the instructor) to decompress, then wraps up with another three day session. Details online.

(c)Copyright 2006, Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah All rights reserved.

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