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Wednesday is Primary Systems Day

Tony Rizzo on Primary Systems

Just to set the record straight, I did not compare Tony Rizzo to Sir Isaac Newton.

I was simply relating the mental image that raced through my mind's eye as Rizzo related his discovery of the Primary Systems concept for businesses.

As Malcolm Gladwell pointed out in his book, Blink!, we simply "know" things within an instant. A gut reaction triggers the effort required to do the research to prove (or disprove) that feeling. Since Rizzo shared the details of the value in applying engineering practices to the business of business, my mind has been racing.

For me, this is profound

I have been working business models out in my head for days, trying to quantify this new (to me) discovery. Oh yea, disclaimer: Tony Rizzo is a client. I profit from his success in the Total-Matrix arena. Had Tony not went out of his way numerous times in the past seven years on my behalf, I probably would have sat back, and let him evolve without my input. But I cannot.

My blogs over the past three years have one common theme (IMNSHO): throughput. Which is defined as "money in my pocket now, and more in the future."

Like blogging about my love for the new 2008 Cadillac CTS with Direct Injection 304hp engine! Or the Harley vRod. Or the Apple iPod touch. Or Tony Rizzo. It is not about compensation. It is not about working the angles in order to benefit personally. It is about promoting "stuff" that brings passion to the forefront. Results. Beauty.

Of course, when someone offers me compensation to say what I would have said anyway, that makes perfect sense to me. Like the consultant that Earl Nightingale talked of that shared the power of the list with a client. After sharing the idea, the consultant told the business owner to use the idea for 30 days, then send a check of any amount if the idea had any merit. It did. He did. The business owner sent a check for $25,000.00USD (back in the 1970s as I recall, when that was a lot of money!).

Do I promote Tony's efforts to line my pockets?

No. However, that may happen.

Why then?

You might not make it without his insight!

I have launched a lot of businesses. Employed great people (and some well meaning, but not so great people)... guess what: it is never their fault. It is the CEO or President that bears the responsibility for success or failure. Over simplified? Perhaps.

When light dawns over marble head, and one must admit (to themselves, at least) that they are not the smartest person in the room. It helps to have smart friends! Like Tony Rizzo. And if you know Tony, you know that he is not all that comfortable with the praise that I lavish on him. Humble. I like that in my super heroes! {grin}

Seriously, check out his new blog on Total-Matrix.

It's Engineering applied to Business.


P.S. Know someone struggling with a business model that is not generating enough throughput? Share this post with them. Let them decide as David Letterman asks, "Is it anything?"

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