Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday is Biz Plan Day

Pro Forma... Cashflow... Marketing Plan...

How do you attack the amazing adventure of launching a new business idea?

For me, it starts with the gem of an idea for a better mouse trap. The idea gets under my skin over the course of several days or weeks, or in today's case, years!

Want to create results in just ninety days (90) once you decide to forge ahead? Buy my book, Purple Curve Effect. It is the best tool on the market that I know of for achieving results. As Bill Dettmer pointed out, "It is a quick read." Unlike his texts... which helped to frame my thoughts. In other words, you can gain a "quick to read" book, full of H. William Dettmer's insights, without having to work nearly as hard to read it! But I digress...

One of my steps for business creation: involve others

I can hint that I have assembled a great group of professionals for this next biz adventure... and one that is sure to make international news. But first, back to the task at hand: creating a worthy biz plan.

So what does your Thursday look like?


P.S. As an aside (on the vBuzz dot org front), I just captured a great podcast with small business owner, Bob Wood at Old West Antiques dot biz... check it out.

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