Saturday, June 14, 2008

Seven Second Soundbytes

The Seven Wonders of the World in Spain Segovia's Aqueduct Seven is a powerful number The root of the word "seven" means perfect or complete or satisfied. Presenting recently at a Lean Six Sigma workshop, I mentioned that while Colonel John Boyd had a reading list of over 300 books for his acolytes, mine is just seven books. As a number of them were mentioned during the hour presentation, very few heads were nodding in acknowledgment of these works of art. As Thayer and I discussed this fact over the phone (on my drive out of Detroit), she suggested a book be written (by us) on the key soundbites from each book. Great idea! Where to start? Easy, start at the beginning! But who gets to decide where the beginning, begins? Me. If you were rushed out of your house at the midnight hour, with the ability to grab just one book from your library, it ought to be Purple Curve Effect — SKI's Through on Command! Why? It alone offers the quickest path to success. Just 90 days for would-be entrepreneurs. Yes, just 90 days. So, over the next few hours (maybe 24 or so), I will write the "heart of the matter" down from PCE and share it with our readers. If you have read our book (Thayer and I wrote it in 2003, and published it in April 2004) and would like to share a "guest blog" spot talkling about how it has changed your business philosophy, please drop me a note or pick up the phone and call me. I cannot emphasize the importance of acquiring this book and then actually READING it from cover to cover. The PDF is just three bucks (US Dollars)... and the paperback is on Amazon dot com from just $14.95USD. Of course, it is only important if you are not having the success that you would like to experience. If your present lifestyle exceeds your wildest dreams, you might could skip reading my book. On second thought, go ahead and read it anyhow... then give your copy away to someone less successful. If you simply do not have the three bucks, let me know. I will give you a copy. This book will change the face of business forever, if, and only if, it gets into enough hands. Like your hands. Yes, that seems a bit "over the top." Sorry. The truth hurts at times. Have you heard the story of TOCreview magazine? I created this international business magazine, full color, 64 page, saddle-stitch binding, complete with contributors, advertisers, subscribers, and staff in just 95 days. Yes, you read that correctly. Over a thousand copies of the premiere issue were mailed around the world. What impossible task have you completed? How long did it take you? Get off your excuses, and pick up a copy of this book. THEN READ IT! Together, we can make a difference. Right where you are standing. Then, in the world. -ski P.S. I am serious... this book holds your answer to quick yet lasting success: ---- Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah +1 330 432-3533 tag: ©2008 LLC. All rights reserved.
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