Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday is More Biz Planning

Make the Plan ClearHabakkuk 2:2

The clock ran out on Thursday before this exciting new business plan was completed...but it will be simple, clear, and complete.

Where is your biz plan?

Do you have your objectives up on the wall for all to see? I recall while working for the Town of Hilton Head Island (first as DBA and then MIS Administrator) that we posted the town's vision on the council's chamber walls.

If you cannot see the goal, you cannot hit it. Pretty simple advice. Next up, how many obstacles are you placing in your path? Let me reiterate: what are you doing to shoot yourself in the foot?

I just quoted a great project (for my vBuzz dot org enterprise) for a worthy cause... but a quick review of the main web site highlighted a number of self-inflicted wounds. Nothing fatal. If corrected quickly.

Come on, no one said business is an individual sport (and no one seems to have the guts to tell Kobe that basketball is a team sport). If you do not own my book, I am not sure if you can make it in the business world. Without my seven tips, and without making them your own, the world can be a very hostile environment. But I digress...

Back to the finalization of one of the world's greatest business plans...


P.S. Need help on your biz plan to make the world a better place? Call me.

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