Friday, October 31, 2008

Opportunity Clock for Mac

Zig Ziglar has it Right Robbie Hanson too! I am amazed at the clock and alarms in my iPod touch, very close to what I would build if I had to roll my own iPod apps... but for the Apple Mac, I love this basic alarm clock. Or, as Ziglar tells us, the "opportunity" clock. If you set it for an important event, and it goes off, you have the opportunity to act. Plus, I set the tune to a Harmonica solo from Blues Traveler from the Blues Brothers 2000 sound track. Enjoy Hanson's Alarm Clock If you like it, do give serious thought to making a small donation. Even if just a buck or two. -ski P.S. It also has two much needed functions: timer and stopwatch. Did I mention that the app is free?
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