Thursday, October 16, 2008

Drill Baby, Drill

Sarah Palin calls for more drilling for Oil I awoke at 5:14AM thinking, Sell Baby, Sell™ Everyone knows (on some level) that unless someone, somewhere, makes a sale, there is no free enterprise system. Right? Common Sense, right? Just not much common practice. How sad. Part of the dream that awoke me so early this morning had to do with a business that I am consulting with in the retail space. What a great time to be in retail. As I mentioned earlier today, when I bought The Tux Shop it was obvious that advertising was necessary. Like most new business owners (note however, that I managed the business for a year before buying it), my approach to advertising was "more of the same." What the manager (who hired me) did for advertising, is what I did for advertising. First as the manager when she was fired. Then as the owner. Great plan, right? Wrong. What does your plan for advertising look like this month? Do you have an "open to buy" budget available that could be used for advertising? If not, why not? Oh, you are one of those... one of the mental giants that has decided to cut back on advertising. Well, if you have been running your business without much of a plan, or any planning, you probably won't make it through the next three months. Unless you wake up. Now. Before I tell you this next statement, I must share that the thought of it made me laugh. I used to sell advertising. Actually, I still do. Both for the greatest business show in Northeast Ohio (Coffee with SKI), and for my good friend Charlie "Mellow Tones" Jones and his Big Time Sports of Ohio. I actually met Charlie when I bought advertising for The Tux Shop. But I digress... Laughing? Well, I made this new friendship in Minnesota this past winter while conducting my Dynamic 4^3 Process™ workshop for his employer. And as you can tell, I love to tell stories, and most of them are based on my real life adventures. Trust me, I have had a lot of adventures. So every time I told of another one of my adventures, this gentleman (lets call him Dave), would roll his eyes and challenge me. He had worked for this company his whole adult life. More than 20 years as I recall. Just one employer. The thought that someone might have had more than say, ten jobs, plus owned all those various businesses, sounded a little braggadocios. That was not my intent. I love the concept of "wisdom" as I understand it. Wisdom is learning from the successes (and failures) of others. That was my intent: to impart wisdom. Most everyone loves Sarah Palin. A large number of folks question if she is right for a national ticket, but the fact remains most people find her refreshing. And this battle of political wills needed some fresh air. Palin's "Drill Baby, Drill" is a great sound byte. Sell Baby, Sell Is even better. Especially if you are in business. Everyone knows that I am against lay offs. They are simply stupid for 80% of businesses in America; most of which are not traded on Wall Street. A lay off should be the course of last resorts. Here is an idea: call a company wide meeting for 5pm today (or even right now!) Union shops will have a few more hoops to jump through, but schedule it ASAP. Ask these three questions of the group, but not to anyone in particular:
1. Is there anyone here who does not belong here?
Go on to explain that you will do everything possible to help that person (or persons) find more suitable work. Consider getting them professional "out placement" help. Note however, these people are extremely busy right now. But call an agency and see what advice they offer.
2. Is there anyone here that would be willing to sell?
This could be a short term arrangement. Maybe long term if it works out. Ask them to follow up with you first thing in the morning. Suggest that everyone consider this question seriously. Sleep on it. Do not be too hasty as to discount the idea too quickly. I am not thinking of "sales" the same way you probably are when you hear this question. Unless you know who Justin Roff-Marsh is, you do not understand sales in the modern free enterprise system. But I digress...
3. How many of you can be here Saturday morning at 7AM for a Crawford Slips session?
Say what? Yes, Crawford Slips. Not brainstorming. There is a huge difference. Especially when it comes to producing results! Not sure? Check out either one of H. William Dettmer's books on Crawford Slips: Strategic Navigation or Brainpower Networking. -ski P.S. You might want to call me and schedule some time for me to assist in your efforts... before my calender gets too full to help. I have a retainer starting as affordable as $500 per month. ---- Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah Strategy, Tactics & Execution Dover, OH | Hilton Head Island, SC | Las Vegas, NV Cell: +1 330.432.3533 tag: ©2008 LLC. All rights reserved.
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