Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Need A Keynote Speech

It has been five years...

I closed this keynote speech with one of my favorite quotes:

"Five years from today, you will be the same person that you are today, except for the people that you meet and the books that you read."
—Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones

Some of the people that I met include Grant Lindsay, Warren Tyler and Joe Distefano. Each have helped to refine my thoughts and approach to business. Some of the books that I have read include "Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing", "Made to Stick" and "Purple Curve Effect —SKI's Throughput on Command". Could not pass up the chance to blow my own horn!

Have Speech
Will Travel

One of my favorite shows (still, I now have some episodes on DVD) was "Have Gun — Will Travel". Where Paladin lives in this great hotel in a great city (reminds me of this last year on Hilton Head Island!) and takes on clients in need of a problem solver. His business card has been the template for many a modern version... guess I am giving my age away.

But I digress... Need a speaker on throughput? sDBR? CCPM? Strategy?

Call me.


P.S. While this speech is still valid, today, I would be preaching my Dynamic 4^3 Process as the door to significantly more throughput.

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