Saturday, April 12, 2008

Built to Last

Built to last: Science Direct dot com

In 1996, while consulting at Lexis-Nexis (LN), I served as Billing Technical Lead on a project that created the Science Direct web site. LN was one of the few places that I ever worked where the library was larger than my mine. It was a great time to be coding for eCommerce.

I helped create a "billing record" that took web activity and routed it from Oracle to the in-house COBOL billing system. I was privileged to select my own tools... like OraTcl, and hire team members (Hey Roger!).

Today, one of my google alerts popped up a link on ScienceDirect. Wow.

Wonder if any of my code survives?


P.S. Just before I left LN, we used that billing record to roll out a critical app for another eCommerce app for Lexis-Nexis. I love it when a plan comes together!

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