Friday, April 04, 2008

Joe Distefano :: Paughco MC LLC

Donald Trump could learn a thing or two from Joe D.

My good friend Joe Distefano ("Joe D.") is at it again. This time rolling out the new wheel division of an old company, Paughco, Inc. I can only assume that the "MC" in Paughco MC LLC stands for motorcycle. Disclaimer: Joe is a client of LLC.

As told on several occasions, I met Joe back in 2004 while serving as interim COO (actual title: Director of Manufacturing) for Red Horse Motorworks, LLC. He jumped into the mix and came up with a truly "win-win" solution for us and his wheel company employer, and we became fast friends. We have done the various industry trade shows together, like Sturgis, VTwin Expo, and Daytona Beach Bike Week.

One of things that sets Joe apart, he really does understand holistic (or systems) thinking. He had other products that helped the cause at Red Horse. Because of his connections, my efforts in purchasing were turbocharged! Some short-sighted idiots (at least two that I know of) are now bankrupt, I would suggest in no small part to their close-minded approaches. And listening to the wrong people. Remember, as Jim Collins shares, it is the RIGHT people that make all the difference in the world. And although I digress, Joe D. is the still the right man!

If you need a "go to" person in the motorcycle industry, Joe D. is it. Sorry Donald.

Tell Joe, "SKI sent me."


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