Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mohan Babu on Pre Sales

Our guest blogger is K Mohan Babu of garamchai dot com. This abstract to Mohan's articles on the importance of the "Pre sales" process is quite insightful.

What is Pre Sales?

Pre Sales includes the entire gamut of activities involved in preparing to engage with prospects, clients and others and includes specific responses to client requests. Clients or companies that need software services and project implementations generally call for proposals or expect responses from their vendors and service providers.

Although it is hard to generalize on the nature of or the contents of such proposals, most documents follow a structured framework: detailing the project, asking vendors for suggestions or solutions or proposals along with cost estimates regarding the work to be done.

Typical Pre-sales support activities include:

  • Responding to client requests
  • Supporting client visits
  • Visiting clients and/or making presentations
  • Competitor Analysis and market scanning
  • Sales Support
  • Interfacing with other internal groups
  • Marketing support
Mohan's article may found via this link. -ski
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