Saturday, December 19, 2009

Number 746: Smart friends

Michael A Boylan on getting in the door The Power to Get In by Michael A. Boylan On January 1, 2008 Dr Lisa Lang bought me a present. This book. I have skimmed it over during the last two years, but did not need the message. Until today. I have repeatedly had smart friends recommend books to me. A few actually bought them for me. Books that changed my life. And yes, occasionally books that did not seem relevant (at least at the time). I knew this was a great book. But "getting in" the right doors was not problem. It was not the weakest link in my system. Until today. Do you know anyone looking for a job? Me too. But are they really looking for work, or are they just kidding themselves? You know the type. We have all been that type! We sit at the computer, searching for jobs, and sending off Résumés somehow convincing ourselves we are honestly searching for a new career. How bogus First, let me say that I am talking to myself. You simply have the privilege of listening in to my conversation (with myself). I will "flat out" guarantee you that no one needs this message today, more than yours truly. Honest. Given this new economy of zero job growth (why do you think it was called Porkulus? But I digress...), the rules have changed. What worked in the past, worked just fine. Until today. The rules have changed If you are not getting in front of the right people with your message, then Boylan's book may hold the answer. I am a huge fan of frameworks designed to produce results. Like H. William Dettmer's Constraints Management Model (CMM) which takes Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints (TOC) and turbocharges the implementation phase with the late Colonel John Boyd's OODA Loop (actually, more of a process than a loop). But I digress... Deming said it best, "Success is 94% the result of the system." Not enough results? Change systems! Right after you buy and consume my book (and buy an extra copy to give away to a friend in need), pick up The Power to Get In by Michael A. Boylan. Especially, if your job search is not going well. Semper Fi Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey P.S. Speaking of job searches, do check out my new tool for solving one of America's employment challenges, finding enough suitable job openings: RhinoGATOR Best Job Aggregator on Planet Earth™ (c)2009, Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.
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