Sunday, December 13, 2009

744: Advertising with Tokens

Nonno's Tailors & The Tux Shop In 1979 I opened my second location. The Tux Shop expanded from the Mall to a downtown location, and added the services of my partner to provide tailoring and custom made men's suits. One of the advertising tools employed was the use of the token. Anyone catch the huge mistake I made when I ordered the custom imprint? Yep. Should have dropped the phone number and went with something along the lines, "Limit one per transaction." Of course there were only one or two that insisted on using all tokens to pay for a Tux rental... so maybe it was not that big of deal after all. Live and learn My good friend Luke Short recently launched his Saloon Token web site, and that caused me to seek out an old token from back in the day. As I mentioned in Purple Curve Effect, I learned a lot about business the hard way. Spent a lot of my own money experimenting... but I digress. As King Solomon said, "There is nothing new under the Sun." I am working on a new project and the token might just be appropriate. Semper Fi Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey (c)2009, Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.
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