Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can you miss a car?

Merkur XR4Ti Merkur XR4TI "XRAT" It has been over seven years since this baby burned to the ground on US-250... and the Nationwide agent said, "No, you are not covered." Need I mention that I no longer use Nationwide? This was my second XR4Ti. The first was black. I am still looking for photos of it. This was a stick and the extra horsepower was simply amazing as the turbo revved past 3000rpm. Too bad the electronics in the dash were so sensitive to the cold. But otherwise, this was almost the perfect rear wheel drive sports car. Jackie Stewart even said so! It handled like you cannot imagine. Rumor has it that I got each and every MPH from those "H" rated Yokohama's... Until the Audi Quattros came on the scene. But I digress... Who knew that I have Bob Lutz to thank for some of the most fun I ever had behind the wheel of a car. -ski
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