Wednesday, September 24, 2008

President Bush Speaks

President Bush addresses the Nation "Yes Houston (and the rest of America), we have a problem." However, Bush and his advisers are not smart enough to solve this problem. They have yet to properly identify the core issues in marketplace. Just like attempts to fix the educational system in America, "throwing money" at the problem is not the answer. Yes, we need a solution. No, this proposal is NOT the solution. In fact, many polls are showing well over 90% of "We the People" are against this bailout. Therefore, we need to determine the real cause of the problem. And craft solutions that will attack the core problem. Not simply grab a plausible (however, unlikely) cause and rush patches into the marketplace. Where is the next Milton Friedman? When we need him most! -ski P.S. I am Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, and I approve this post.
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