Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More on Communications

Purple Curve Effect requires good communications Never read the Tower of Babel story? Download the PDF of Purple Curve Effect (for Free) and read it, starting on page 23 (which in the PDF will be the 33rd graphic page). Basically, when the people of earth were of "one language" nothing was impossible to them. We are told that the Lord "confounded" their language, and due to the confusion, the people quit building the tower. Not hitting your targets? Maybe you could use more communications... but do not confuse the volume (quantity) of correspondence with the act of communicating. Until your message is understood, you have not yet communicated. -ski ---- Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah Strategy, Tactics & Execution Dover, OH | Hilton Head Island, SC | Las Vegas, NV Cell: +1 330.432.3533 tag: ©2008 LLC. All rights reserved.
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