Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I vote NO on bailout

Ben Bernanke Just say, "No!" to the bailout How did the 15% of 'bad' mortgages cause this meltdown? It did not. This is old fashion "pile on" — the game you played as a kid... when someone with the football got tackled, everyone piled on! These institutions are cleaning house at our expense... piling on the results of all their mistakes into a massive plea for help. Ben Bernanke (et al) is asking the government to make the crooks 'whole' at my expense! The taxpayer Not gonna happen. Let them all fail. Then, go after all those obscene bonuses paid less than a year ago to the idiots that ran those companies into the ground. Then, send Bernanke packing for coming up with such a stupid plan. -ski
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