Monday, August 11, 2008

Safety in the Multitude

Safety in Numbers Some of the best advice is old Proven too! Preparing for an upcoming presentation in Chicago next month (wow! time flies), working on the case study, making some phone calls, and getting a sense of direction so to speak, this passage from mentor King Solomon came to mind. The guy that "has done it" is never at the mercy of those who think they know how it should be done. Consider the parable of the master and his old boxer dog (Spike), a young boxer offspring (lets call him Junior), and the Frisbee. Ever throw a Frisbee? A good throw will go on for what seems like a long, long time. Spike is catching everything that the master throws. Junior, not so much. The old boxer knows from experience that the Frisbee will tail off to one side or the other. Junior is a little slow to pick up on this fact. Yes, the problem with "youth" is that it is wasted on the young! Boxers must use a form of communication similar to that used by consultants and clients. No amount of barking can get Junior to anticipate the tailing off at the end the Frisbee flight. It is rare when the client hires a consultant and then listens to the advice. Life is too short. -ski
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