Friday, August 08, 2008

Mind Games

SKI talks Mind Games

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Relocated my office from one end of the building to the other... and made it a priority to get this great poster up where I can reflect on it at will.

A business associate recently asked on LinkedIn about thinking; I commented that not enough critical thinking takes place in business today. Somewhat surprised, he ask me to explain. Fair enough.

I heard that on the LSAT, one of the questions went something like this: "You are exploring the South Pole, and discover two bodies frozen in the ice. Immediately, you know that it is Adam and Eve. How?"

In business life, it is important to figure out answers to questions... maybe not this exact question, but how does you mind work? Do you "think it through" so to speak? One of the things that make Colonel John Boyd's contribution to business profound, is how his mind worked, and then his ability to share those profound thoughts with others. Like the snowmobile example.

Need help with your own mind games?


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