Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Its Wednesday

Lisa Loring as Wednesday Addams My favorite Wednesday: Lisa Loring As someone semi-addicted to the TV set, for me, Lisa was the perfect Wednesday Addams. I still stop my cruising the channels when I happen upon a rerun of the original Addams Family TV series. I have been told that in certain cultures, the newborn child's name will have a reference to the day of the week that they were born. I know some Sunday's but glad that schema was not used on my name. What plans do you have for the day? It has been a series of almost endless meetings for me of late. Getting Rhino Island Media off the ground. Editing sessions. Production meetings. Searching for on air talent. Advertising adventures. And so forth. But I made time to jump on the vRod for about 3 (whole!) miles yesterday... and then the rain came this morning. Makes me long for the desert called Las Vegas. Yes, the heat can be a bit much, especially on a motorcycle... but I am amazed how much I miss the 24/7ness of Vegas. Jumping on the bike at midnight for a blast through Henderson. Up with the sun and off to Red Canyon. But I digress... Life is too short Make something happen today. Or take it off and enjoy life. But please, do not wish it away. -ski
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