Friday, December 21, 2007

Tony Rizzo's TMx

Total Matrix Planning :: The Tool :: TMx

First things first (disclaimer): I am compensated for my efforts in the promotion of TMx.

When Tony Rizzo calls, I make every effort to take the call. Regardless of my other activities. He rarely finds it necessary to call without emailing first, to see what time might work best.

A few months ago, Rizzo called out of the blue, and wanted me to apply some of my eCommerce expertise to a problem he was facing. I told a bit of the story in this TV talk show interview with good friend Ed McCullough:


Long story, short: I added the real-time online invoicing component to TMx. Then, I started playing around with it... and got no where! So I called Rizzo back, and said, "Show me how this thing works!"

He did. Now, it is a major component of my Critical Chain project management efforts. Do you have any idea how much time (and therefore, money) is wasted by starting on projects that should never have been released, simply due to inadequate project plans? I do.

Thousands of man-hours per year. Wasted.

Guess what? TMx is available for free. Yes. Free. A 100% complete and fully functional TMx is available (with a 30 day evaluation period) for download on Rizzo's web site:

TMx Download

Check it out. BTW (by the way), it is now light years ahead of what I first experienced just 90 days ago... but if you still cannot "make it work", Rizzo's email is included with the tool, and he encourages the end user to contact him with any questions. Or concerns.

Or enhancement requests.


P.S. Do check out the requirements section, it does not work with every possible configuration. And yes, I have asked for an Apple Mac version.

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