Thursday, December 06, 2007

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Why buy an Apple Mac reason number 227: the Remote Control

In this age of technology, it takes a lot to impress most of us. As it should. I wrote a passage in Purple Curve Effect concerning making purchases, where I asked a simple question:

Have you ever experienced
the “perfect” anything right
out of the box?

That was before my Mac Mini... and the simple little remote that was included (at no additional charge). Never owned a Mac? No problem. In about one minute flat, you will wield the device as if it you were born with it!

Recently, working with a lot of presentations, I thought to my self (maybe out loud, I do not recall with 100% certainty), I need to buy a remote clicker to advance the slides of my presentation. Like you have seen on PCs used for meetings to advance slides.

But as quickly as that thought occurred to me, I smiled, and remarked that Steve Jobs surely foresaw this requirement... if not Jobs, someone working on the Mac team must have demanded this feature be embedded into this micro-sized remote.

Sure enough, grabbing the remote off the desktop, "click" and "ta da!"


Right out of the box.

How intuitive are your products?


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