Sunday, December 23, 2007

More Christmas Gift Ideas

Okay. Really only one more idea.

And to be perfectly honest, it is the same idea, with a twist.

Time is running out, so I made a contribution directly to the fund. Consider selecting the, "AIDS in Africa, inspired by (RED)" option on the donation form. Regardless of their religion or business philosophy, most of my adult life, I have read stories and met people that tithe. As in "give a tenth" of their gross income away.

It is a principal. A universal law. Give and it shall be given.

Consider making a donation via one of the (RED) products, or directly to the Global fund. As they say, "no amount is too small." What a great way to start the new year!

The secure donation form may be found [here]

Merry Christmas

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey

P.S. Not interested in this charity? Share your passion with the world.

One person can make a difference.

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