Monday, December 24, 2007

Lou Holtz

A great mentor I do not know Holtz personally. Only by his deeds. With him at the helm of Notre Dame, I allowed my son to become a fan. I have always been a fan of the man. This post on the LeadershipNOW blog is another fact that I did not know, but rings very true with those stories that I hold dear to my heart. Throughput is simply a matter of setting a goal, and applying (a lot of) focus. It was a great pleasure to watch a bowl game a number of years ago, when Holtz and the Gamecocks sent Ohio State and Cooper packing. It is my understanding Cooper was good at raising funds. That still does not explain his tenure at OSU as head coach of one of the greatest entities in college sports. I stopped cheering for my then (I grew up in Ohio) favorite college team when Cooper was given his first contact renewal. As I recall, he had not beaten Michigan and did not get us to the Rose Bowl. Why renew his contract? Politics? Fund raising skills? Ohio State University lost site of the goal for a head coach: winning football games! And in those days, we felt a God-given right to go to the Rose Bowl every year. Another icon sent that message loud and clear: Woody Hayes. Lou Holtz has always understood the goal. But he has never compromised. This wiki entry is just one example of the man I consider to be the greatest football coach ever: Lou Holtz wiki entry My hat is off to the LeadershipNOW blog for granting me yet another vantage point into the thought processes of one of America's icons. A mentor worthy of further study. -ski
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