Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What I learned

What did I learn this year? A lot! Although the project officially ended Sunday, Ben is still accepting posts this week. And that is why I offer this post. One of those, "wish that I had thought of it" kinda projects... allow me to share just one profound moment from 2006. Eli Goldratt is brilliant. Ok, I already knew that. His P&Q example is brilliant. Yep, I knew that too. Here is the drop shot for all the money: "If your client does not understand the P&Q example and its ramifications, you cannot help them. Period. End of discussion. No amount of wishing will change the outcome." A little history is in order. I know the P&Q exercise is profound. Not just good, or great, or even brilliant. It is profound. So, when I had Eli on the phone a number of years ago, I asked permission to include the example in my then, upcoming book, Purple Curve Effect. I have used the P&Q to test understanding. You must allow the participant to work the example out, long-hand for themselves to truly determine their effectiveness. If they refuse to work it out, simply comment (quietly to yourself) "next" and thank them for their time. Then run away! Far away. And yes, my book is worth the $19.95USD price just for the P&Q example. Or the H. William Dettmer Foreword. Or the Index that Thayer Bennett created. Oh yea, I had a number of profound thoughts you might want to check out. Better yet, do what ever is required to get one of the fifty (50) seats in my workshop on Friday, January 19, 2007 in Canton, Ohio. I am giving a copy of the book to each attendee. Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah tag:
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