Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Dream

the goal. mission. purpose. i could write for days without end on the importance of making the dream one's focal point, and still not convey the power of this concept. ---- #01.1 :: December 3, 2007 :: 8:33am EST where to begin... with a recent example: my new Harley V-Rod. a number of years ago, my brother asked what i thought about the revolutionary new motorcycle (a radical departure for them, including their first water cooled engine) the 2002 V-Rod. i had not heard about it! sure enough, it was on the cover of magazines everywhere. looking most excellent. with engine design help from of all folks, the masters of air cooled "go fast" machines: Porsche! did i mention this was water-cooled? i test rode the wheels off this $17k wonder every chance i had... but had to settle (in the short term) for the Buell. used. but i kept dreaming. test riding them. studying the web site. reading articles about them. telling folks that some day i would own one. today, i do. dreams do come true... ---- #01.2 :: December 3, 2006 :: 13:13 EST how about a biz example? ok, TOCreview magazine. i have told this story from several vantage points over the years. what i did not mention, was when i made the decision to create this international biz leadership rag, i went and bought over one-hundred dollars worth of my favorite magazines... to study. to create a mental image of what success looked like... or in the words of Purple Curve Effect, "to find a working model and steal it!" using goldratt's TOC (theory of constraints), it took just 95 days (yes, DAYS) to create the magazine. as fine and professional as any magazine on any newsstand in any bookstore. because the dream of creating it on such a short timeline was bigger than all the reasons that it could not be done. i had the mental picture of the completed project in my mind's eye, before ever starting...
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