Thursday, December 07, 2006

Eighth Tenet

Purple Curve Effect Eighth Tenet: Every business has real problems requiring real solutions. When I wrote this over two years ago, it made sense. Today, even more. I was on a gig where everything seemed to be going well... no real fires to fight, at least not on a daily basis. As time elapsed, a number of cracks in the mortar appeared. Every business has a weakest link. What is the expression, "still water runs deep?" In recent posts, I have been talking about the importance of the dream. The mission. Doubt that YOUR business has problems, great. Set a mission to grow or increase in market share (or whatever), then use the Purple Curve book to make that happen. Challenges will arise. The good news: the answers are in the book! {grin} I try to re-read the book just about every month (as time permits). As Bill Dettmer said, "it is a fast read". Why? There are some great truths that need revisited. Like "testing". The up-coming workshop on applying the "Purple Curve" to your life and/or business is for anyone and everyone. Unlike the Jonah3+3™ course, this workshop is affordable! It will clear the air concerning Goldratt's TOC, Dettmer's CMM, and Boyd's OODA Loop. We will define both internal and external constraints, and how to deal with them effectively. If you need to make significant progress, you need to buy the book. The PDF is just two bucks. Then, be at the workshop on Friday, January 19, 2007 in Canton, Ohio at the Kent State Stark Conference Center. As my friend and fellow author Todd Canedy says about the Purple Curve, "It may just be the 'kick in the pants' you are not getting!" Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah
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