Tuesday, May 03, 2005

shameless plug

The clock was ticking. It was only a matter of time. Why promote my own book in my blog? Because it is a great book. It simply works. Purple Curve Effect -- SKI's Throughput on Command http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/asin/0976069202/ Every week I find myself reviewing some passage in the text. It really is a "business leadership guide." In fact, I have caught myself remarking out loud after reading a portion, "man, this is good!" The foreword by H. William Dettmer is worth the price of the book alone. Bill shares the transition of Constraints Management Method (CMM) from beginning up through the release of my book. Thayer Bennett did a great job compiling the index. How many business books do you know that have references to folks like Abbott and Costello? Aerosmith? Dan Akroyd? Archimedes? And that is just the "A" section! Call for action Those of you that have read the book, please consider taking a minute and visiting the Amazon link to share your views on the book. In fact, the first person to post a review will receive a free DVD of my session with Ed McCullough on Hilton Head Island's Talk of the Town, where we discuss the book and talk about some of the success stories from the book. Even better, if you do not own the book [yet!], it seems Amazon is discounting it! -ski
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