Tuesday, May 10, 2005

hey erik

My 2003 Buell XB9S Lightning. Wow. As Erik Buell says, this bike is "fun and its intense!" Buell American Motorcycles http://www.buell.com/en_us/buell_way/buell_on_buell/ What a first purchase for my eBay indoctrination. It almost did not happen. I missed out on another bike, and received [what turned out to be a bogus] "second chance" email. Suggesting that the winner did not complete the purchase, and that the seller would accept my bid. But the address was different than the original seller's address. Close call. I tried again, and decided to use the "Buy it Now" option. Flew to Dallas, paid the Buell off in Postal Money Orders and headed out on the bike for Daytona Beach and this year's Bike Week. The first week of March was lousy for riding: it was cold. But somehow it did not matter. This bike is a ton of fun on the interstate. I must confess that the D&D exhaust makes ALL the difference in the world. It sounds like a vtwin should sound. Riding the XB9S on the back roads of my childhood home, Tuscarawas county, is more fun than I imagined. Believe me when I say that is significant. Since my brother introduced me to the Buells two years ago, I have been dreaming of owning one. I went to the Demo Rides that Buell does around the country and experienced the ultimate riding machine first hand. But now, on my home turf, the Lightning is amazing. But one question Erik, why are so many motor company dealers dropping the Buell line? Ever consider selling "Buell Only" dealerships? Call me. -ski
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