Sunday, May 08, 2005

people "take three"

Have you ever met someone and knew right off, that you were on the same page? I have. Of course, in many cases, I later found out that I was pretty much clueless! But for me, life is a lot more fun that way. Dan Hanlon While on assignment in Iowa, I made a point of looking up Hanlon. My brother had bought his two brothers (and himself) each copies of "Riding the American Dream." I found a kindred spirit in the pages, and that ultimately lead me to contact Hanlon and request a few minutes of his time over a cup of Starbuck's coffee. Long story short, we had several meetings over the winter months, and I learned that I did not appreciate his talents. I was not clueless, but definitely lacking. His seven year ride atop the Excelsior-Henderson corporate structure honed his talents to a level that I can only dream of achieving. At our last luncheon, I left feeling that I owed Dan a debt that I could never repay. Wrong. It is my intent to co-sponsor an event in Northeast Ohio, and feature Hanlon as the keynote speaker. Details forth-coming over the next few weeks, but we can all do our homework by re-reading (or purchasing, and reading) his book. Here, from his web site: "Now, for the first time, you can read the official -- no holds barred -- hell-raising story of setting out to conquer the impossible of building a company to compete against worldwide industry stalwarts. Here you get the insider entrepreneur's view of launching and building an American company and raising nearly one hundred million dollars -- and all at the grassroots level. And not an Internet, medical or high-tech wizardry startup, but rather the out-of-fashion bricks and mortar." This event could be the one that puts your new venture on the road to extreme success! If your organization would like to co-sponsor this event, write me soon! Details will evolve on Purple Curve Events. -ski
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